Welcome to the neighborhood!  The goal of this, our community website, is to provide a communications channel for residents to share information of interest to the neighborhood as a whole.  Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, or post anything you think your neighbors would be interested in hearing about.

The website is open for free use by all residents of Asbel Estates.  You can post anything you like as long as the posts are civil and of interest to the community.  Complaints are OK if they are accompanied by suggestions for improvement.  In other words this is YOUR website, your means of communicating with your neighbors.  Have fun!

Note that although you can read website content without logging-in, if you want to post a comment you must first register for a free website account.  This is necessary in order to reduce spam and to make sure that postings are safe for children.  You can login by clicking one of icons displayed underneath any “Leave a Reply” comment entry box.  Don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account?  No problem!  Signing up for a WordPress account is easy and free – simply click the Register link displayed in the sidebar to the right.  Please note that by posting comments on this website you agree to follow the website’s Usage Policy which can be found by clicking here.

New Social Network!

Numerous Asbel Estates residents are active in the Nextdoor social network, similar in concept to Facebook.  However postings in Nextdoor’s Asbel Estates group are limited to residents of Asbel Estates and nearby communities (e.g., Asbel Creek, Tierra Del Sol). Membership is free; click here to join.

Neighborhood Map

A question commonly asked by newcomers to Asbel Estates is “which streets comprise the community?”.  Most people think that our community includes the houses located on the right side of the main street (which is incorrect – those houses belong to Asbel Creek, a separate community).  The following diagram illustrates our borders (click for full size):

Community Services

Listed below are the utilities that provide services to our community:

Asbel Estates Community Deed Restrictions

Have you ever wondered why you have a homeowners association? You may not realize it, but your association may be the only thing that protects the value of your home and the quality of your neighborhood.  Read this to find out how.

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