Welcome to the neighborhood!  The goal of this, our community website, is to provide a communications channel for residents to share information of interest to the neighborhood as a whole.  Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, or post anything you think your neighbors would be interested in hearing about.

The website is open for free use by all residents of Asbel Estates.  You can post anything you like as long as the posts are civil and of interest to the community.  Complaints are OK if they are accompanied by suggestions for improvement.  In other words this is YOUR website, your means of communicating with your neighbors.  Have fun!

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New Social Network!

Numerous Asbel Estates residents are active in the Nextdoor social network, similar in concept to Facebook.  However postings in Nextdoor’s Asbel Estates group are limited to residents of Asbel Estates and nearby communities (e.g., Asbel Creek, Tierra Del Sol). Membership is free; click here to join.

Neighborhood Map

A question commonly asked by newcomers to Asbel Estates is “which streets comprise the community?”.  Most people think that our community includes the houses located on the right side of the main street (which is incorrect – those houses belong to Asbel Creek, a separate community).  The following diagram illustrates our borders (click for full size):

Community Services

Listed below are the utilities that provide services to our community:

Asbel Estates Community Deed Restrictions

Have you ever wondered why you have a homeowners association? You may not realize it, but your association may be the only thing that protects the value of your home and the quality of your neighborhood.  Read this to find out how.

8 Responses to Welcome

  1. We love the new benches in the dog park! The style selected is very attractive – classic and classy. Thank you! Does the HOA plan to replace the benches in the kids playground so that they all match?

  2. Is there a contact number I can call for questions?
    We’re having issues with Waste Services as they are not picking up our garbage because the house we are currently renting is not on their list . I CA
    led their number and the person who assisted me says that Asbel Estates is not in their system and they can not help me. Is our community listed under a different name?
    Cindy Maldonado

    • Yes “Pasco Hauling” is the company that performs trash pickup for our community; their number is (727) 847-9100.
      I called them to verify that Asbel Estates is listed in their system – they confirmed that it is. They
      said that if you called this number they can help take care of the issue.

  3. We are having issues also with not having our trash collected – we’ve lived here for over two years and have never had an issue with pickup – until now. We called when we first moved in in January of 2013. I have emailed WSI and am waiting on a reply.

    Jeri Bouvette

    • I too had the same problem. In my case it turns out that my address was removed from their system without my knowledge. However for a long time the guys saw the trash by the curb and picked it up anyway. Later management must have given them instructions to only pick up from addresses on the roster; at that point pickup stopped. After a few missed pickups I called their office. It was then I learned that my address wasn’t in their system. Now that the issue has been fixed trash pickups have resumed.

  4. Amy Beatty says:

    My husband and I are in the process of moving into the neighborhood, and we were wondering if the trash pickup services were done through the HOA or if we register for that on our own. I’ve looked through the various documents and I don’t see a clear answer to this. Additionally, we would like to know if you’re still suggesting WSI as the preferred utilities service because when I was driving through our subdivision today it seems like nearly everyone on our street uses Progressive Waste Solutions.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.

  5. Hello, I am filling out the alteration application and it asks for a copy of my lot survey. Where and how do i obtain one of these??? Thanks, Jackie Ashe

    • I asked the community manager your question. Her reply was: “The survey was provided at the time of closing and they should check their closing papers. The may be able to get a copy from the County Building Department or their builder (these records may be archived by now). Google doesn’t show us the drainage easements etc that the survey does. We would need the survey for things like a fence, swimming pool enclosure and the like.”

      I also asked the head of the architectural review committee. His reply was that policy paragraph IV.B.1.a allows alternative documentation depending on the type of proposed alteration as follows:

      1. Requests for room additions, extensions, modifications including swimming pools and their screened enclosures, and fences:
      a) Homesite survey clearly depicting the location, size and measurements of the proposed change and the measurements to the home site boundary lines.
      b) Contractor drawings.
      c) List of materials being used.
      d) Sample of roof shingles if applicable. Color photo or manufacturer’s specification sheet may be provided in lieu of actual shingles.
      e) Paint sample if paint is provided by any manufacturer other than the original paint provided by the Developer. Paint sample shall list color name and color number.

      2. Requests for exterior dwelling surfaces including painting, installation of pavers or tiles on walkways, driveways, etc.:
      a) Sketch of area(s) to be covered such as entry, walkway, driveway, sidewalk, etc.
      b) Sample of proposed material – paver, tile, paint chip. Color photo or manufacturer’s specification sheet may be provided in lieu of actual materials.

      3. Requests for landscaping:
      a) Sketch or drawing showing name or type of planting(s) together with approximate location of each. Existing major landscaping should be shown on drawing. Indicate measurements from property lines when installing trees, landscape beds, etc.
      b) Requests to remove trees shall include a diagram depicting the approximate location of all existing trees and their types, along with the trees to be removed and the reason for their removal.

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