The Asbel Estates Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is an organization formed by  homeowners in the Asbel Estates community to promote the community’s overall quality of life. The HOA levies dues from each home owner for use in the upkeep of community common areas. The HOA also enforces the neighborhood covenants, which are rules or standards associated with owning a home within the community.

  • Board of Directors

The governing authority for the Asbel Estates HOA is the Board of Directors (aka Board).  The  Board is made up of community homeowners who do the administrative work of the association, including hiring and managing contractors to perform the manual labor involved with neighborhood upkeep.  The Board is authorized to make and amend rules, adopt policy, adopt budgets, assess and collect assessments, hire and fire personnel, appoint committees, purchase insurance and enter into contracts on behalf of the association. The Board is also responsible for enforcing the Declaration of Master Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) and all rules and policies of the association. The Board may delegate some duties to the community manager, an employee or to a committee but ultimately the Board is responsible for all decision-making. The Board has the authority to create committees as it deems appropriate and to assign each committee with a specific task.  Committees work in a advisory capacity to the Board but do not have the authority to commit the Board to an expense or required action.

It is the Board’s pleasure to serve our community and to protect the property value of each and every homeowner in Asbel Estates. We seek to create a sense of community among residents and to represent the ideals of home ownership in as much that we create a community that invites all to enjoy.

  • Architectural Review Committee

The ARC are your representatives to process your Alteration Applications to ensure they comply with the Community Standards as listed in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Asbel Estates and Asbel Estates Homeowners’ Association, Inc. Guidelines for Community Living.

Please review the Asbel Estates and Asbel Estates Homeowners’ Association, Inc. Guidelines for Community Living to ensure you that the modification you are planning does or does not require ARC processing.

The ARC meets the fourth Monday of each month with the exception of October and December.

For the ARC to have time to research individual requirements, please submit your Alteration Applications as soon as possible. All Alteration Applications submitted one week prior to the meeting will be considered at the meeting. Please understand that the Committee is required to notice their meetings and consideration of Applications outside of a meeting is rarely possible.

Alteration Applications when approved are valid for six months from date of approval. Contact Premier Community Consultants, Inc ((727) 868-8680 or 1-866-722-4004) if you have a question or need clarification of a standard.

  • Covenants Enforcement Committee

Neighborhoods sometimes have those one or two homes in it that stand out—and not in a positive way.  They may be painted a loud, garish color, have untended yards full of weeds and high grass, be ill-maintained, with drooping gutters and peeling paint, or have debris strewn throughout the yard.  For homeowners who live close by on the same street, those homes are an eyesore and decrease the marketability of their homes.  Preventing these situations is the reason for homeowners agreeing to abide by the Asbel Estate HOA standards.

The Board of Directors are your elected representatives to enforce the Community Standards as listed in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Asbel Estates and Asbel Estates Homeowners’ Association, Inc. Guidelines for Community Living. The Board is assisted by the management company in this enforcement process. On at least a monthly basis, compliance rides are conducted.

The Covenants Committee is comprised of homeowners appointed by the Board to hear your responses as to why monetary fines should not be levied for non-compliance with a violation letter. This process is explained in the Community Standards –

Step 1 – Violation letter sent specifying the violation to be remedied and asking that you respond when you have completed the task. You may contact the management company for additional information, pictures from the ride or an extension.

Step 2a – On the next ride violation is cured – file noted and after 90 days violation is closed

Step 2b – On the next ride(s) violation is not cured – 2nd letter is mailed (certified and regular mail, $10 charged to your account) noting the violation isn’t cured and monetary fines may be imposed. You have 14 days to notify the management company in writing that you want a hearing with the Covenants Committee.

Fines are levied on a daily basis and can reach as high as $1,000 in total for each violation. For lawn maintenance issues the Association may send in an outside vendor to correct the violation and you can be charged with these costs.

The Association is not looking to collect fines, they are looking to maintain or improve property values through the collective voluntary compliance with the Community Standards. The outside appearance of your home reflects on all of us!!

Compliance ride focus

  • Exterior changes made without an approved Alteration Application.
  • Mowed and edged lawns
  • Lawns with minimal weeds and bare spots – once water restrictions are lifted you will have 30 days to cure these issues.
  • Minimal weeds in the flower beds
  • Trimmed shrubs
  • Newspapers and other items are picked up
  • Driveways are free of oil stains, mildew and mold
  • House exteriors are free of mildew
  • House exterior paint is not peeling
  • Fences are in good condition
  • Mailboxes are clean and in good repair

Sometimes it is difficult to focus on things that you see every day. They become part of the norm. To see how others view your property try this exercise – take a camera (cell phone works) and walk across the street. Focus on your home as though you were taking a picture. Go ahead and snap a few shots if you want. You may be surprised at how some things become more apparent.

If you’re received a violation notice and feel that the notice is not warranted, you may appeal to the Covenants Enforcement Committee by following the appeals process listed here.


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