Grass Areas are No-Parking Zones

An attractive benefit of our community are the numerous grassy areas set aside for residents to enjoy.  Typical activities include children playing football and families having picnics.  However we’ve noticed that some residents are using these areas as personal parking lots.  The Community Standards (page 116) explicitly prohibit residents from parking their vehicles on any grassy surface, whether it be a common area or a resident’s yard.

Starting in January 2018 the CEC will start enforcing the parking standards more stringently.  Cars found parked on a grassy area will first receive a friendly warning.  Subsequent violations may incur a fine ($100 per occurrence) or result in the car being towed away.

To help communicate that vehicles may not be parked on grassy areas the HOA will be installing signs in each common area.  An example sign design is shown below.  Our goal is to design a sign that is attractive and yet serves as a reminder to not park on the grass.  The sign’s design is not yet finalized; residents may submit design suggestions here by leaving a comment on this post.  The final design will be selected in December so that they can be installed in time for the New Year.

Example Design for a No Parking Sign to be installed in each Common Area

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