2016 HOA Activity Schedule

The Board of Directors main goal this year is to amend the Community Standards, Declarations, and Bylaws to make it easier for residents to service and improve their homes.  We are also planning activities to help increase community spirit.  The following schedule lists the key events for achieving this goal:

2016 Schedule

  1. BOD review Standards; mail review notice to homeowners
  2. BOD consolidate comments; create draft; approve/disapprove on BOD meeting on 4/4; mail to Attorney for review
  3. BOD vote to conditionally approve final Standards (subject to amended Declarations later approved by homeowners); post Standards on website
  4. BOD review Declaration & Bylaws
  5. BOD post Declaration & Bylaws to website for community review on 3/15
  6. BOD consolidate comments; approve/disapprove on BOD meeting 5/23; mail to Attorney for review
  7. BOD notice special Members Meeting to vote on revisions; start canvas for proxies
  8. Community vote 7/25 to approve/disapprove final Declarations & Bylaws
  9. BOD post final Standards, Declarations, & Bylaws to website
  10. BOD & Mgmt to review current contracts
  11. Mgmt submit RFPs to BOD for review
  12. Mgmt send out contracts for rebid
  13. BOD review bids; begin 2017 budget planning
  14. BOD award 2017 contracts
  15. BOD start search for Community Involvement Committee volunteers
  16. BOD commence Home Recognition program
  17. BOD start 2017 Spring Fling planning
  18. BOD prepare and mail End of Year Holiday Events schedule
  19. Community Fall Festival; Install Christmas Decorations
  20. Community Christmas Tree Lighting
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