Land Purchase

Attention homeowners, this past spring your board of directors came to an agreement with M/I Homes on the purchase of 4.84 acres of property adjacent to our playground area. The property was zoned to fit approximately 40 town-home units at a value of $480,000.00. The board negotiated a final asking price of $80,000.00 for the HOA. This purchase allowed us to prevent further development of our area and increased our common property for future recreational use. We the board received an overwhelming response from our homeowners who felt it was necessary to prevent this property from being over developed.

Thank you from your board of directors.


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3 Responses to Land Purchase

  1. Steve Rainwater says:

    Any plans to build a community pool on the new land?

    • That is a future possibility; however there are no plans to develop the property at this time. In the future the Board will solicit ideas from homeowners as to how the land should be used. Based on the feedback a proposal will be submitted to homeowners for a vote.

  2. SANDRA REYES says:

    It would be a great idea to include a community pool, this will bring families together and more unity and the community will raise its value. 🙂

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