Asbel Estates 2018 Sunfest

On Saturday 7/14 the Asbel Estates 2018 Sunfest event was held in the Asbel Estates park.  Live music was provided by Bickley Rivera Island Chill; multiple vendors provided refreshments and swag.  Based on the many smiles seen everyone had a good time!

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Grass Areas are No-Parking Zones

An attractive benefit of our community are the numerous grassy areas set aside for residents to enjoy.  Typical activities include children playing football and families having picnics.  However we’ve noticed that some residents are using these areas as personal parking lots.  The Community Standards (page 116) explicitly prohibit residents from parking their vehicles on any grassy surface, whether it be a common area or a resident’s yard.

Starting in January 2018 the CEC will start enforcing the parking standards more stringently.  Cars found parked on a grassy area will first receive a friendly warning.  Subsequent violations may incur a fine ($100 per occurrence) or result in the car being towed away.

To help communicate that vehicles may not be parked on grassy areas the HOA will be installing signs in each common area.  An example sign design is shown below.  Our goal is to design a sign that is attractive and yet serves as a reminder to not park on the grass.  The sign’s design is not yet finalized; residents may submit design suggestions here by leaving a comment on this post.  The final design will be selected in December so that they can be installed in time for the New Year.

Example Design for a No Parking Sign to be installed in each Common Area

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Revisions to Asbel Estates Declarations, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation Proposed

The Asbel Estates Board of Directors have proposed revisions to the community’s Declarations, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation.  Homeowners have until May 15th to review and submit comments for possible incorporation.  The full text of the proposed revisions can be viewed within the Documents section of the website (click the Documents link on the menu bar at the top of the page).

A community vote is scheduled for July 25th to approve/reject the proposed changes.  Note that the revised Declarations must pass the homeowner vote before the revised Community Standards can become effective.

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2016 HOA Activity Schedule

The Board of Directors main goal this year is to amend the Community Standards, Declarations, and Bylaws to make it easier for residents to service and improve their homes.  We are also planning activities to help increase community spirit.  The following schedule lists the key events for achieving this goal:

2016 Schedule

  1. BOD review Standards; mail review notice to homeowners
  2. BOD consolidate comments; create draft; approve/disapprove on BOD meeting on 4/4; mail to Attorney for review
  3. BOD vote to conditionally approve final Standards (subject to amended Declarations later approved by homeowners); post Standards on website
  4. BOD review Declaration & Bylaws
  5. BOD post Declaration & Bylaws to website for community review on 3/15
  6. BOD consolidate comments; approve/disapprove on BOD meeting 5/23; mail to Attorney for review
  7. BOD notice special Members Meeting to vote on revisions; start canvas for proxies
  8. Community vote 7/25 to approve/disapprove final Declarations & Bylaws
  9. BOD post final Standards, Declarations, & Bylaws to website
  10. BOD & Mgmt to review current contracts
  11. Mgmt submit RFPs to BOD for review
  12. Mgmt send out contracts for rebid
  13. BOD review bids; begin 2017 budget planning
  14. BOD award 2017 contracts
  15. BOD start search for Community Involvement Committee volunteers
  16. BOD commence Home Recognition program
  17. BOD start 2017 Spring Fling planning
  18. BOD prepare and mail End of Year Holiday Events schedule
  19. Community Fall Festival; Install Christmas Decorations
  20. Community Christmas Tree Lighting
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Revised Community Standards Proposed

In keeping with the theme of creating a “kinder-gentler” HOA the Board of Directors have proposed revisions to the Asbel Estates Community Standards.  Homeowners have 90 days (until Mar 15th) to review and submit comments for possible incorporation into the revised standards.

The full text of the proposed revisions can be viewed within the Documents section of the website (click the Documents link on the menu bar at the top of the page).

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Land Purchase

Attention homeowners, this past spring your board of directors came to an agreement with M/I Homes on the purchase of 4.84 acres of property adjacent to our playground area. The property was zoned to fit approximately 40 town-home units at a value of $480,000.00. The board negotiated a final asking price of $80,000.00 for the HOA. This purchase allowed us to prevent further development of our area and increased our common property for future recreational use. We the board received an overwhelming response from our homeowners who felt it was necessary to prevent this property from being over developed.

Thank you from your board of directors.


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Developer plans new homes adjacent to Asbel Creek

Developers plan to build a new subdivision on land formerly owned by Lester Dairy Farm, off U.S. 41 in Land O’ Lakes. The vacant land is the last significant undeveloped parcel along a corridor filled with new residential communities including Asbel Creek and Lakeshore Ranch.

To the north, Florida Citrus Investors owns more than 300 acres slated for townhouses. Across the highway the “new town” of Connerton is under development on about 8,000 acres of a former cattle ranch.

On June 24, Pasco County’s Development Review Committee gave unanimous approval to the residential community proposed by NVR Inc., the owner and developer of the dairy farm property. The Pasco County Commission must still give its approval.

Plans are to build nearly 490 single-family homes on about 300 acres, located on the west side of U.S. 41 and about a mile south of State Road 52.

Developers will be responsible for building the first two lanes of the Bulloch Road extension, which would bisect the site and connect with the portion of Bulloch within Asbel Creek.

They also would build a portion of a proposed east/west “vision” road, with access off U.S. 41. The roadwork within the subdivision is part of Pasco County’s long-range transportation efforts to increase neighborhood connectivity, and relieve traffic volume on heavily traveled highways such as U.S. 41.

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Commons New Speed

Today the PASCO Public Works – Traffic Operations Division (TOD) changed the speed limit in the Commons from 20MPH to 25 MPH. Reason: According to TOD the 2012 Asbel Speed study that changed Asbel Creek from 30MPH to 25MPH also showed that the 85% speed in the Commons was 31.1 to 32.2MPH.  County Commissioners approved 25MPH for both areas.  Asbel Street and the Meadows were not included in the 2012 study.

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Upcoming Pump Station Enhancements

Pasco County Utilities will be upgrading the neighborhood’s sewer pump station soon.  Click here for additional details regarding the upgrade.

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